Space Expansion Space Expansion

Space Expansion

Space Expansion is a multiplayer online survival simulator in space. In the game you will become an astronaut traveling through the expanses of the solar system. On the path of space exploration, numerous landings on various planets and satellites await you. The main way to survive in space is to mine and process resources on Mars, the Moon and other planets and satellites through the construction of mining and processing factories.

However, this may not be so easy, because other players are trying to steal your loot. Therefore, care should be taken to build protective structures and devices so as not to engage in direct combat. The creation of various devices for the mining and processing of resources increases their efficiency. This allows you to profitably trade resources and crafted devices with other players. You can track the progress of your skills on the progress board.

Do not forget to complete the planet's tasks to mine resources and build chains of recycling factories. This will allow you to earn the cosmic currency of the new era - credits.

Building and mining resources on planets is not the only strategy for survival in space. By building a capacious spaceship and converting enough resources into fuel, you will be able to make space flights, buy and sell resources at competitive prices, taking advantage of the different economies of planetary online markets.

The territory of planets and satellites is an open world divided into sectors. You can explore an open world online with friends, just like in sandbox games, without being constrained by story or linearity, setting goals for yourself and living your own online adventure.

After spending a lot of time on long flights, mining a significant amount of resources, building efficient chains of mining and processing factories, building ingenious defensive structures from towers, turrets and other devices for battles, you may want to try to capture sectors of planets or even colonize the whole of Mars.

This will allow you to receive part of the resource extraction from other players. You can track the progress of other players and compete with them in the corresponding rating table. Having learned how to survive and earned a cosmic amount of credits, you will be able to help beginners by answering questions in an online chat, or simply show off your incredible ability to find resources where no one has gone before.